Free Lectures from ESPID 2020

Free Lectures from ESPID 2020

Some things are too important not to share, which is why we are giving free access to 4 PID sessions in December!

But this is just a teaser, you can still buy full access to the ESPID 2020 content and take advantage of numerous lectures and posters.

4 Free PID Sessions in 4 weeks

In December, we will be releasing a free session or lecture each week, so keep an eye on social media and the ESPID 2020 website. Come back on 14th, 21st and 28th December. Stay tuned to get access.

It is never too late to start learning and change the lives of children!

Opening Plenary: The Glory of Prevention

ESPID 2020 - Marion Koopmans - Erasmus MC

Current Challenges for Public Health
Marion Koopmans (the Netherlands)

Photo of Keith Klugman from the Gates Foundation, plenary speaker at ESPID 2020

Vaccines to Protect Newborns and Infants from Dying
Keith Klugman (USA)

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Trained Immunity & How to Exploit the Non-Specific Effects of Vaccination

Photo of Nigel Curtis, speaker at ESPID 2020

The Non-Specific Effects of BCG Vaccination – Trials and Tribulations
Nigel Curtis (Australia)

Photo of Mihai Netea, speaker at ESPID 2020

Heterologous Effects of Vaccines: The Impact of Trained Immunity
Mihai Netea (the Netherlands)

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Maternal Vaccination

Photo of Elke Leuridan, speaker at ESPID 2020

Recent Developments in Maternal Vaccination
Elke Leuridan (Belgium)

Photo of Tracey Goodman, speaker at ESPID 2020

Implementation of Maternal Immunization Programmes
Tracey Goodman (Swaziland)

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Plenary: Microbiome & Host Immunity in Early Life

Photo of Debby Bogaert, plenary speaker at ESPID 2020

Born in a Microbial Cloud
Debby Bogaert (UK)

Photo of Peter Brodin, plenary speaker at ESPID 2020

Shaping of the Immune System
Petter Brodin (Sweden)

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