Looking back at ESPID 2020

Looking back at ESPID 2020

We all wanted ESPID 2020 to happen…and it did – THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!

Here’s how we all together saw, felt and experienced the first ever ESPID Virtual Meeting.

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  • ‘It’s been a great time! Thank you @ESPIDsociety and thank you all lecturers for insightful and practical presentations!’
  • ‘Congratulations on a successful meeting under exceptional and extremely difficult circumstances. Your hard work and effort made this virtual @ESPIDsociety meeting a triumph.’
  • ‘#ESPID2020 was a thrilling, colorful, immersive experience. Thank you @ESPIDsociety for making me feel like I belong.’
  • ‘The overall online experience of the conference has been outstanding. It has been very interactive, engaging and delivered in an entertaining manner.’
  • ‘Thank you #ESPID2020’

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