Young ESPID Welcome Letter

Young ESPID Welcome Letter

Dear Young ESPID Members,

Welcome to ESPID fully virtual meeting 2020! We are looking forward to yet another excellent Meeting.

The Local Organising Committee along with the International Scientific Committee aims to follow the rich tradition of ESPID Congresses with presentations on basic research and clinical practice as poster sessions and oral sessions. There will be a comprehensive series of symposia, educational workshops as well as meet the professor sessions that will cover the entire field of paediatric infectious diseases. Leading scientists in the field will give state-of-the-art lectures. With the aim to involve attendees and offer a meaningful and engaging learning experience, more interaction will be infused in the meeting by integrating real-time polls and by collecting audience questions in real time.

As in past years, Young ESPID will be involved in several activities. We hope to e-greet you during the Young ESPID session where you will e-meet other Young ESPID members and learn about new developments in the society particularly relevant for you. Information regarding awards, the research master class, courses and updates regarding EAP/UEMS training requirements will be presented.

The well recognised ‘Walter Marget’ Educational Workshop led by outstanding clinicians with extensive experience in the field of paediatric infectious diseases aspires to be an ideal platform for experts and trainees to interact and share ideas. We will also continue the tradition of the successful YE debate. with YE members involved getting their names on the programme in a plenary session debating (in a friendly way) for 10 minutes against another.

We expect that ESPID 2020 will offer you a platform for building European and worldwide collaborations and networks in the field.

Do you want to become a Young ESPID member? Tick the box for Young ESPID on the ESPID website in your personal profile and you will automatically receive our updates.

We look forward to seeing you again this year!


Young ESPID Board Representatives
Fani Ladomenou, GR and Robin Marlow, UK