Welcome to the ESPID 2020
Virtual Meeting

Welcome to ESPID 2020 Virtual Meeting.

The ESPID 2020 Virtual Meeting platform will be accessible from 08:00 Central European Time (CET) on Monday October 26, 2020.

Please note that the content presented in the exhibition booths is solely the responsibility of the exhibitors, and ESPID 2020 assumes no responsibility or liability for it.

Advertising of prescription-only medicines to non-prescribing healthcare professionals is strictly prohibited. When visiting the virtual exhibition, all participants must identify themselves as either prescribing or non-prescribing healthcare professional. Non-prescribing professionals are prohibited from viewing, sharing or downloading any ‘for medical prescriber’ content that is displayed at the exhibition.

Please be aware that indication of your online presence will be visible to others in chat rooms or virtual exhibition booths with which you engage. If you choose to partake in an industry-sponsored educational activity or click on industry banners, the sponsor/s will also be receiving your delegate badge information, consisting of your name and country or company.

The information being made available to you is intended for your personal use only. You may not record, copy, modify, publish, distribute or create derivative works based on or otherwise share this information (either in whole or in part) unless you have been specifically authorized to do so, in a separate written agreement.

It is recommended that all delegates use headphones and the information available on the screen of your device must not be accessible by the general public.

Upon entering this virtual event, you agree to the terms listed above and acknowledge that the information about yourself that you have shared with the organizers is accurate.

We are honoured to have you with us at to ESPID 2020 Virtual Meeting!

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*Upon entering this congress your presence is logged to the server. If you choose to enter a chat area or a virtual exhibition booth, your presence will be made visible to others in the chat room or the virtual exhibition booth.

The content presented in the exhibition booths is a solely responsibility of the exhibitors, and ESPID assumes no responsibility and liability.

Please note the advertising of prescription-only medicines to non-prescribers is prohibited. When visiting the virtual exhibit or any of the exhibit booths containing information only directed towards prescribing healthcare professionals, all participants must identify themselves as a prescribing healthcare professional or non-prescribing healthcare professional. Healthcare professionals not eligible to prescribe do not have the permission to read, share or download the content displayed on the respective booths.

Upon entering in the virtual platform, you acknowledge that the information shared by you is accurate.