You Can Still Access Content

You Can Still Access Content

ESPID 2020 first ever virtual meeting is over, but the good news is that you can still learn and explore the content.

Enjoy the top rated sessions and get access to all the recordings of the sessions – presentations and discussions!

Educational content includes:

  • Plenary Symposium 1 – Opportunities in infectious diseases: The glory of prevention!
    Watch the lectures and discussion here to get a taste of what you can learn.
  • Late-Breaking Symposium – Covid-19 – To Vaccinate Children or Not
  • Plenary Symposium 2 – Microbiome and host immunity in early life
  • Plenary Symposium 3 – Global challenges in antibiotic use
  • Plenary Symposium 4 – Respiratory viruses: Treatment And Prevention
  • Up to 80 recordings of sessions to watch
  • And plenty of posters to learn from

The best part is that you can still take advantage of the content and enjoy your ESPID 2020 learning journey until 29th January.

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What Did the Attendees Think?

Over 3,100 professionals from 115 countries attended and benefited from outstanding presentations, discussions and an overall ESPID experience. 

Here’s what some had to say:

The overall online experience of the conference has been outstanding.

It has been very interactive, engaging and delivered in an entertaining manner.

ESPID 2020 was a thrilling, colourful, immersive experience.

Take Your Next Step

ESPID 2020 Virtual Meeting was a great journey.
So, hurry up and take advantage of the excellent content today!