Walter Marget Educational Workshop

Walter Marget Educational Workshop

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Monday – Tuesday, October 26 – 27, 2020, by Invitation Only

Every year ESPID sponsors 50 selected trainees at the Annual Meeting for the educational workshop, which is clinically oriented with a lot of interaction between them and faculty.

Walter Marget Educational Workshop leader faculty have been selected by the ESPID Committee for Education. Each workshop leader is an outstanding clinician with extensive experience in the field of paediatric infectious diseases.

Our aim is to promote more shared learning. 4 breakout sessions of case presentations is an increased opportunity for in-depth discussions, with a maximum of 50 participants per session, including the Walter Marget Educational Workshop members, a Young ESPID co-chair and a small number of trainees, invited to present an overview of a recent international guideline.

Please see agenda via the interactive programme here.


Anu Goenka, UK | Christina Karastathi, Greece | Eleni Vergadi, Greece | Cihan Papan, Germany


Michael Buettcher | Maria Tsolia | Peter Olbrich | Juan Pablo Horcajada | Irja Lutsar | Steve Black


Chrissie Jones | Michael Buettcher |Asgeir Haraldsson | Vana Spoulou, Simon Drysdale

All WMW invitations have been sent together with detailed instructions regarding your participation in the workshop. A link for joining the virtual workshop will be sent to you closer to the Meeting.

You will be provided with a link for booking a timeslot to prerecord and upload your presentation in due course.

Guidelines for Speakers may be seen here.

Guidelines for Chairpersons may be seen here.

Please note:

  • Keynote Speakers have a strict maximum of 25 minutes of prerecorded presentation and 10 minutes for live Q&A.
  • Case presenters have a strict maximum of 8 minutes of prerecorded presentation and 5 minutes for live Q&A.

In case you have any questions regarding the preparation of your presentation, please contact the Meeting Organiser at .



Day 1: Monday 26th October 2020, Central European Time

13:00-13:20  Welcome to WMW | Live

Speaker: Dr. Anu Goenka, Dr. Michael Buettcher and Dr. Chrissie Jones

13:25-13:45  How to make the most out of the technology during WMW | Live

13:50-14:25       Topic 1 Tropical infections: Keynote Lecture | Pre-recorded + live Q&A

Speaker: Dr. Michael Buettcher

14:30-15:20       Breakout session 1 | Tropical infections| Case Discussions             

Chair: Dr. Anu Goenka

Co-chair: Dr. Asgeir Haraldsson

Cases | Pre-recorded + live Q&A

  1. Parental Choice: When to treat asymptomatic carriers of infection
  2. A rare manifestation of Expanded Dengue syndrome
  3. A neglected disease which destroys faces and lives

15:25-16:15       Breakout session 2 | Tropical infections| Case Discussions

Chair: Dr. Simon Drysdale

Co-chair: Dr. Christina Karastathi

Cases | Pre-recorded + live Q&A

  1. Unexpected macrophage inclusion bodies
  2. Stuck in the middle with you: An accidental intermediate host
  3. Melioidosis in children

16:15-16:30       BREAK

16:30-17:05       Topic 2 Childhood TB: Keynote Lecture | Pre-recorded + live Q&A

Speaker: Prof. Maria Tsolia

17:10-18:00       Breakout session 3 | Childhood TB | Case Discussions

Chair: Dr. Christina Karastathi

Co-chair: Dr. Vana Spoulou

Cases | Pre-recorded + live Q&A

  1. A constant pain in the buttock
  2. Slow-baked fever
  3. 10 year-old girl presenting with right-sided stroke followed by panhypopituitarism

18:05-18:55       Breakout session 4 | Childhood TB | Case Discussions   

Chair: Dr. Asgeir Haraldsson

Co-chair:Dr. Michael Buettcher

Cases | Pre-recorded + live Q&A

  1. Who is the culprit?
  2. 6-year old girl with mediastinal mass
  3. Treatment failure, drug resistance or an unexpected response?


Day 2 Tuesday 27th October 2020, Time (CET)  

09:10-09:45       Topic 3 Immunodeficiency or Immunodysregulation: Keynote Lecture | Pre-recorded + live Q&A

Speaker: Dr. Peter Olbrich

09:50-10:40       Breakout session 5 |  Immunodeficiency/dysregulation | Case Discussions

Chair: Dr. Anu Goenka

Co-chair: Dr. Chrissie Jones

Cases | Pre-recorded + live Q&A

  1. Secondary Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis – A rare case
  2. Two brothers with recurrent abscesses
  3. Keep Your Ears Open

10:45-11:35       Breakout session 6 |Immunodeficiency/dysregulation | Case Discussions            

Chair: Dr. Simon Drysdale

Co-chair: Dr. Anu Goenka

Cases | Pre-recorded + live Q&A

  1. Worsening lymphadenopathy in a toddler: a sinister diagnosis?
  2. Recurrent infections and rash
  3. When Your “Gut feeling” Tells You, It Is Not Just In Your Gut!

11:40-12:15       Topic 4 Infection caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria: Keynote Lecture

Speaker: Dr Juan Pablo Horcajada           

12:15-12:40       LUNCH 

12:40-13:30       Breakout session 7 | Antibiotic Resistance | Case Discussions       

Chair: Dr. Vana Spoulou

Co-chair: Dr. Cihan Papan

Cases | Pre-recorded + live Q&A

  1. A case of severe invasive bacterial infection in a six-month-old infant
  2. A rare complication of inappropriate timing of culture
  3. What could have been done better

13:35-14:25       Breakout session 8 | Antibiotic Resistance | Case Discussions       

Chair: Dr. Michael Buettcher

Co-chair: Dr. Eleni Vergadi

Cases | Pre-recorded + live Q&A

  1. Empirical antimicrobial management of returning travellers from Pakistan
  2. Problems grow in a liver transplant: a history of MDR bacteria
  3. Is intrathecal antibiotic an option?

14:30-14:45       Top tips on publishing from the PIDJ Editor: Keynote Lecture | Pre-recorded

Spekers: Prof. Irja Lutsar and Prof. Steve BlacK    

14:50-15:00       Close & Feedback/Prizes | Live

Speaker: Dr. Anu Goenka            

WMW 2019 Participant and Faculty Photo