Tips and Resources

Tips and Resources

Want ideas on how to get noticed during the ESPID 2020 Virtual Meeting? Or how to boost engagement with your research? 

Below you will find a few tips and resources to get you started.

General Tips

3 Ways to Get Noticed

How to Boost Your Research

Social Media Tips


We have a dedicated hashtag for ESPID 2020 to make discovering and discussion even easier. When tweeting about the congress, make sure to use #ESPID2020 plus any other relevant hashtags.

How to share

Suggested ways to share information about the Meeting with your network:

  • Live tweet from sessions, meetings and the exhibition. Be sure to mention @ESPIDsociety and use the hashtag #ESPID2020 plus other relevant hashtags.
  • Retweet and repost live coverage coming from the Forum’s official accounts.
  • Post photos and mention @ESPIDsociety and use the hashtag #ESPID2020 on Facebook and LinkedIn. You can also like and share ESPID posts with your audience.
  • Take a great selfie, while enjoying the ESPID sessions, and post it as a Facebook story with #ESPID2020.
  • Watch and share ESPID YouTube videos.

Social Media Resources

Graphics – Templates

Choose from a variety of templates for Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, and even make your own personalised promo.

Click on the images to download them

Join Me at #ESPID2020

Sharable Image

Join Me At ESPID 2020 For Sharing

Twitter Cover

Join Me at ESPID 2020 for Twitter Cover

LinkedIn Cover

Joint Me at ESPID 2020 For LinkedIn Cover

#ESPID2020 Facebook Frames

Attending #ESPID2020

ESPID 2020 - Facebook Frame - Attending

Presenting at #ESPID2020

ESPID 2020 - Facebook Frame - Presenting

Personalised Images for Posters and Presentations

You can add your presentation or e-Poster title, session, date and time to the templates below.

  • Recommended font: Gotham (medium)
  • Recommended font colour: white

Example – Sharable Image

Personalised I Am Presenting at ESPID 2020 for a Website Shareable Image

Sharable Image

Twitter – Tweet

Twitter Cover

LinkedIn Post

LinkedIn Cover

Facebook Post

Facebook Cover

Instagram Post

Instagram Story

Branded Zoom Background

Click on the image below to download it.

ESPID 2020 Zoom Background