Participant Kit

Participant Kit

To bring a little bit of ESPID into your learning space this 26-29 October, we’ve prepared for you an ESPID Participant Kit.


A door handle sign will let people know not just when you don’t want to be disturbed, but also invite them to come learn with you.


ESPID 2020 - Participant Kit - Door Handle Sign


A notepad will help you write notes (or doodle ;-)), so your device can be dedicated to learning and interacting during sessions.


ESPID 2020 - Participant Kit - Notepad


A little bit of fun is never a miss. Take a break away from the screen and start thinking differently. Challenge yourself to make your very own ESPID origami tulip. We couldn’t make it to the Netherlands this year, but we can have a little bit of the Netherlands with us.

And when you’ve made your tulip, take a picture and share it on social media with #ESPIDtulip #ESPID2020.

Plus remind a few colleagues you are thinking of them. Tag them to “send” them a tulip of support.

Walk-through on Website | Download

ESPID 2020, Origami Tulip