Podcast 3: Chrissie Jones and Adilia Warris

The ESPID Podcast

Episode 3: Chrissie Jones and Adilia Warris

Chrissie Jones and Adilia Warris in Conversation on Paediatric Infectious Diseases

Dr. Chrissie Jones talks with Prof. Adilia Warris. In this podcast, Prof. Warris speaks about her fungal infection research, the future of anti-microbial stewardship, and the need for greater medical education on fungal infection. Plus a few career tips for young PID doctors.

A podcast by ESPID, the European Society for Infectious Diseases.

Dr. Chrissie Jones 

Associate Professor in Paediatric Infectious Diseases at the University of Southampton.

Her research interests include interventions in pregnancy to prevent infection in early life.

Dr. Chrissie Jones has particular expertise in the field of maternal vaccination and leads pertussis and RSV clinical trials in pregnancy. She is the co-director of the IMunising PRegnant women and INfants neTwork (IMPRINT), a MRC/BBSRC funded initative (www.imprint-network.co.uk) which aims to strengthen capacity for research and innovation in matneral and neonatal vaccination.

She serves on the executive committee of GAIA, a large international consortium focused on vaccine safety in pregnancy. As part of this initiative, Dr Jones has authored international guidelines to provide a standard for data collection in clinical trials of vaccines in pregnancy, which are recommended by the WHO.

Dr Jones is the chief investigator of RACE-FIT, a NIHR-funded feasibility study to assess an educational intervention to reduce the risk of CMV acquisition in pregnancy. She leads the perinatal infection service at Southampton and serves as medical advisor to the charity CMV Action.

With postgraduate training in medical education, Dr Jones is involved with multiple initiatives to train and equip others in Paediatric Infectious Diseases. She is the Chair of the ESPID Committee for Education.

Professor Adilia Warris
University of Aberdeen

Adilia Warris is a paediatric infectious diseases specialist with a specific interest in medical mycology. She is a principal investigator of the Aberdeen Fungal Group and co-director of the MRC Centre for Medical Mycology at the University of Aberdeen.

Prof Warris’ research profile has a strong translational focus and specific areas of interest include the host-fungus interaction in specific patient groups with an emphasis on Aspergillus species, the unique interaction of A. nidulans and the CGD host, Aspergillus infections in the cystic fibrosis (CF) host, the development of new management strategies for invasive fungal disease in children, the epidemiology of invasive fungal infections in children, and the pharmacology of antifungals in paediatrics. In 2014 Prof Warris launched, and now chairs, the European Paediatric Mycology Network (EPMyN) within the PENTA-ID which aims to improve the management and understanding of paediatric fungal infections. She organises and contributes to numerous international post-graduate courses in the field of medical mycology and paediatric infectious diseases in general. She is a tutor in the Oxford Post Graduate Diploma in Paediatric Infectious Diseases. She is a member of the editorial board of the Medical Mycology Case Reports journal and has published over 130 peer-reviewed papers and contributed to several book chapters both nationally and internationally.