Instructions for E-Poster Presenters

Instructions for E-Poster Presenters

  • E-Poster Discussion presenters have each been allocated 7 minutes to present their E-Poster, which includes 2 minutes for discussion. Please make sure to check the online programme for your scheduled presentation date, time, E-Poster Discussion Session and E-Poster station.
  • E-Poster Viewing abstracts will have no specific presentation date and time.​ The presenter may stand by the E-Poster Viewing ​screens in order to present their E-Poster during coffee and lunch breaks.​​

Please upload your poster at the latest four hours, before the beginning of your session via the link you will receive by email 2-3 weeks prior to the Meeting.

Posters can be uploaded either online using the link, or at the Speakers’ Ready Room onsite. You can bring your posters to the Speakers’ Ready Room on a USB key or an external hard disk.

Uploading your posters is easy and only takes a couple of steps.

Before you begin, double-check that your poster adheres to the technical requirements for ESPID 2020. By following the guidelines, you’ll ensure your poster is the right resolution, size, and format for the display screens. There, you can also find PowerPoint and Keynote templates for the layout of your poster.

Your poster will be displayed digitally on ESPID 2020’s E-Poster Stations. E-Poster viewing does not have allocated programming but may be viewed anytime via the E-Poster Stations.

You can also e-mail your e-poster and abstract ID to to upload.

Questions? You may find the answers you’re looking for in our FAQ section. If you need further support please do not hesitate to contact our support team with the chat, which you can find on the bottom right corner.