Family Friendly Meeting

Family Friendly Meeting

At ESPID, we realise that Meetings can be hard on attendees with children, striving towards work-life balance.

We want to make sure that you can take full advantage of the Annual Meeting and all the learning and networking opportunities it offers, without having to leave your family behind. We want to be a fully family-friendly meeting, therefore we are taking the following steps:


We will provide a dedicated private space at the Meeting, for young parents to take proper care of their children.

The nursing room will have a comfortable chair, table, power outlet and further amenities to facilitate proper nourishment of children.


We are currently exploring options for a daytime childcare service throughout the Meeting dates, in a designated kids’ zone at the venue. Daycare will offer fully tailored programme within described hours that fit the children’s age range and interests.

With this, we aim to relieve parents of the pressure of looking for reliable babysitters and not having the children nearby.

If you will need daytime childcare service, please confirm your interest as soon as possible, as the service cannot be arranged without a minimum number of children.

  • Minimum participants: A group minimum of 10 children (up to 12 years old) is needed for the service to be confirmed
    • Please note that, if we do not reach the minimum participants, the daycare service cannot be operated.
  • Deadline to provide information: March 15, 2020
  • Cost to participant:
    • Cost per day: 150 EUR
    • Discounted price for 4 days attendance: 400 EUR
  • Criteria
    • One or both parents must be registered participants to the Meeting
    • If your child has special dietary needs, requires medicine or special nappies, this must be provided for the duration of the Meeting
    • Upon confirmation of the this service, the parent must sign a medical statement concerning their child
    • Valid travel insurance is required that covers the child during the meeting

If you would like to have your child/children with you in Rotterdam and get daycare arranged at the venue, just send us a message:

If you would like to have daycare for your child at the Meeting, please send us a message, including name and age of the child, parent name, any extra details, such as health specifics etc,

Guidelines for Parents attending the ESPID Meeting with their Young Infants:

These guidelines address and outline the circumstances under which it is appropriate to bring your infant into a session hall. The guidelines are intended to foster respect for the needs of all parties impacted by the presence of minor children within the session halls.

  • The parent attending the session must supervise the child(ren) and ensure that the child(ren) is not disruptive to the parent or other attendees of the session. Should the child’s presence in the session hall disrupt or has the potential to disrupt the session environment and/or creates an atmosphere that is not conducive to achievement of the specific goals and objectives of the session, we kindly ask that the parent step out of the room in order to allow the session to continue without disruption.
  • The parent is willing to accept full responsibility for the child’s safety and for any damage to property or injury to persons that is caused by the child’s presence.