Send a little support to international colleagues – send them a #ESPIDtulip and let them know you are thinking of them.

While we can’t meet in-person in the Netherlands this year, we hope this little bit of the Netherlands can help us remind each other that we are a community, and we are looking forward to coming together to learn from and inspire each other this October.

How to send a #ESPIDtulip

  • Download our tulip origami kit below
  • Have fun making your own tulip
  • Take a selfie with your tulip
  • Post it on social media, use #ESPIDtulip + #ESPID2020, and tag a few colleagues to “send them a tulip”

How to make an origami ESPID tulip

Step 1

ESPID 2020, Origami, ESPID Tulip, Step 1

Make two folds right on the middle of the paper, horizontally and vertically.

Then rotate the paper and fold it diagonally right in the middle; horizontally and vertically.

Step 2

ESPID 2020, Origami, ESPID Tulip, Step 2

Hold the both left and right points of the paper and gently push them towards the centre.

The paper will automatically fold according to the previous fold.

Then it’ll take a triangular shape.

Step 3

ESPID 2020, Origami, ESPID Tulip, Step 3

Fold the top left corner to the bottom point.

Similarly fold the top right corner to the bottom point.

Now flip the piece and do the same method on this side as well.

Step 4

ESPID 2020, Origami, ESPID Tulip, Step 4

Fold the right side over the left side.

Also do this same method on the opposite side as well.

Now bring the left flap towards the centre and fold it along the vertical crease on the middle.

Do the same on the right side.